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Here's What Our Users Are Saying:

Dan M. says:
WeAchieve has been awesome! No other goal planner on the market provides the flexibility to track so many types of data. The feedback it provides in invaluable in balancing all my long-term goals!

What We Do:

Easily Track Data
  • Sync data from Strava and Apple Health (more coming soon)
  • Track from your desk or while on the go through our iOS app
  • Log habits or numeric values with a single click or tap!
  • [Premium] Track as many metrics as you want!
set targets and goals
Set Goals
  • Easily set weekly targets to give yourself something to shoot for.
  • Use targets recommended by our algorithms or set your own!
  • See in a second if you are on track for the week or where you need to focus.
  • Keep pushing yourself to build longer and longer streaks!
  • Graph your data any way you'd like to cut it.
  • Save visuals you like for quick access
  • See your goal progress over time automatically.
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Why Choose WeAchieve?

Track Everything in One Place
It's hard to build habits. It is even tougher when you can't track how you are doing or they are tracked all over the web. Simplify your life by tracking all the habits you care about in a single place: WeAchieve!

Analytics to Help You Improve
Many habit trackers just let you track yes or no, see a chart or two, and call it a day. WeAchieve is built by data scientists and designed to let the data speak to the nuance and complexity your life demands! Track numbers, times, text fields, and more. Then use our flexible graphing options to save visualizations that update as your data does!

A Proven System to Better Your Week
Once you set your goals, we give you big-picture stats to summarize how you are doing across all of 'em! Go for a perfect week, and then try to build the longest average streak that you can, by hitting your goals week after week.

All Your Data at Your Fingertips
Want more visuals than we can provide? Easily export your data and do your own analysis in Excel, Python, or the platform of your choice. Your data is yours, and always will be.

Personal Support
Our goal is to help you reach your goals. If we do that, it's good for the world and, frankly, good for our business. We're a small team but we are here to help however we can!
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WeAchieve is Free!
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How We've Helped

Marcus L.
Marcus used WeAchieve to lose 40 pounds and now uses it to sustain his routine and keep his weight (and ice cream consumption) in check!
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Jess P.
Jess used WeAchieve to build up her running habit and train for her first half marathon!
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Phil E.
Phil used WeAchieve to set goals to reduce his smoking over time and keep himself in check.
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Monica W.
Monica uses WeAchieve to track her blogging and how she's progressing on acquiring new readers and subscribers.
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Sylvia N.
Sylvia uses WeAchieve to ensure she makes progress on her side project after work and on the weekends.
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WeAchieve is Free!
Premium Options are Available.
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Special: subscribe by September 30th and get 20% off for life! Use promo code "Launch"
Our free plan will enable you to track 4 activities, set 4 weekly goals, and view up to 3 months of historical data. It's free, and always will be! If you are just tracking a couple key habits at a time, this will work for you.
Up your access! Get up to 10 activities, 10 goals, a full year of history, and more for just $3/mo.
Remove all the limits! Premium members can have unlimited activites, goals, and saved visuals that cover as much historical data as they can provide. They'll also get early access to all new features!
Help yourself, and help WeAchieve reach more people as a Patron! Patrons get unlimited access, as well as a WeAchieve coffee mug, exclusive access to the WeAchieve Slack community, and goal planning conciege service. If you have a goal - any goal - and want some advice on how to do it, let us know and we'll help you craft a plan for success!
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Premium Options are Available.
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