Our Mission

Help people achieve meaningful goals through better technology and data.

We live in an "Age of Distraction", with more sources than ever fighting for our attention. We have endless printed, audio, video, and game-based content at the tip of our fingers - all there to keep our attention in the digital world. For many of us, this is becoming overwhelming.

At WeAchieve, we want to start a movement around using technology to help people minimize distractions and accomplish more in the real world.

Our Vision

Provide the best accountability and goal-achievement platform through...

A fully-integrated data platform allowing people to track any data they see fit.

Powerful and flexible goal setting and accountability systems to help people stay motivated and on track.

World-class analytics to deliver actionable insights to users and help people discover new ways to self-improve.

Our Team

Data scientists turned entrepreneurs passionate about using data to improve people's lives


Kai Fei

Position: Co-Founder
Email: kai@weachieve.io
About: An avid Lord of the Rings reader from the great state of Minnesota who actually enjoys cold weather and eating large quantities of food.

Ben Mumma

Position: Co-Founder
Email: ben@weachieve.io
About: A passionate long-distance runner and world traveler who loves building probabilistic models to bet on sporting events during his spare time.

Have questions or want to learn more?
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