Shatter Your Limits

I never thought I would run a marathon.

Sure, other people did it, but I wasn’t a runner and it just didn’t seem like something I could do. I had never run more than 2 or 3 miles at a time in my life, and 26.2 seemed a long way off. Even though it had an allure (my dad had run a couple back in the day), I just didn’t think I’d be able to do it – I just wasn’t a runner.

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Focus on Goals, Not Distractions

One of the biggest challenges I face in being productive each day is the dizzying array of distractions that exist on the computer or on my phone. We live in interesting times given just how many distractions are seconds from our eyeballs at any point.

This can easily eat into your productivity if you aren’t careful. Even though I actively work on avoiding these distractions, they can still sap at least an hour from my day.

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Building a Growth Mindset with WeAchieve

The “Growth Mindset” is a psychological concept that Stanford Professor Carol Dweck popularized back in the early 2000’s. Since then it has hit the “pop psychology” scene and could be seen to some degree as a precursor to Angela Duckworth’s concept and popularization of “Grit” as the next hot topic. Indeed, Amazon even markets the two pioneering books together.

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How We Reward Consistent Behavior

We’ve recently launched a new feature on the web version of our site: streak medals!

One big challenge that we’ve heard all the time is that the motivation for any project or goal tends to fade away over time. We’ve heard the story time and time again: someone sets out for a big, ambitious goal, gets 30% of the way there, hits a few speed bumps, and all of a sudden the goal has been on ice for 18 months.

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Self-Guided Learning With WeAchieve

We may have classrooms and teachers for a while longer, but much of the future of education is self-guided. With most of the world’s knowledge available for free on the internet, it will become clear (if it’s not already) that spending hundreds of thousands of dollars for a college degree is ludicrous for an individual and fraudulent on the part of the university.

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