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Hello! From the team at WeAchieve, we wanted to welcome you to our site and our community. While WeAchieve is a website, we want to start more than that. Specifically, we want to start a movement around using technology to accomplish more in the real world.

Finding your true motivation in life is critical to making your life a fulfilling journey for yourself and those around you.

The platform we are building is a way to do just that – technology that helps people rather than just draw their attention to shiny (or sneaky) advertisements. No software is magical. In order to get value from it, you need to invest, you need to really want to achieve more in the same 168-hour week that we all get.

At the same time, we realize more than you know that self-motivation is HARD. You can find bursts here and there to get things done, or do something really exciting, sure. But odds are, if you are in the 99% of the population that we are, that you struggle to do all the steps you need to in order to accomplish your personal, family, and career-related goals. We all do it, and while we all feel bad about it, it keeps happening.

Why is that? Well, a lot of it is just human nature. We have a natural bias toward laziness as a way to conserve energy. But the invention of the internet has added a new wrinkle (actually two) to this evolutionary bias against action:

  1. It’s made it basically impossible to be bored, and
  2. It’s found a way to monetize (through ads) your time being distracted.

The result? The biggest incentive for you to do something productive (boredom) is gone, and other people (read: not you) have found a way to make money off of that.

Those two wrinkles have created a dangerous system that we have to fight back against. We want WeAchieve to be your tool to combat all the distractions that Netflix, Facebook, YouTube, and thousands of other companies with addictive technology deploy. They use your free time to show you ads so that they can make money. While everyone needs some downtime, we’ve gone too far down this rabbit hole of distraction.

In a sentence: WeAchieve is a platform designed to help you define what matters to you, create metrics that incentivize you to reach those, provide help from an AI to encourage you, and let you connect with your friends and a community that supports and encourages you as well. We know that’s a lot, but we are incredibly excited for the potential we’ve seen in using this, and are even more excited to launch this and share this platform with as many people as we can.

Do you like the sound of that? Please follow along! We’re going to be sharing more in the coming weeks as we slowly expand our beta and start to bring WeAchieve to market, and we want you to be a part of that journey!

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