How the New WeAchieve Works

WeAchieve is the most powerful goal tracking platform out there on the market today. But with that power does come a bit of complexity. Here’s your quick guide to how WeAchieve defines goals, and what you can do with it.

It all starts with goals. Goals are the handful of big things that you want to accomplish. Some examples could be: to live healthier, to run a marathon, to learn new things, stay in touch, to get organized, or many more. These can be as specific or broad as you want, but they should be meaningful to you. They should be the core of what you want to accomplish in the coming years.

But even the smallest goal will be empty without some content. Even a fairly straightforward goal to run a marathon would feel overwhelming without a plan. That’s why you can add three things to any goal:

Tasks – simply something you need to do, typically ad hoc. Maybe you need to buy new running shoes or call a friend. They are quick to add and mark off when you are done, so don’t be shy about tracking the key steps you need to take. Adding them without a date will put them into a backlog of sorts, so they can be off your mind but available when you need them.

Tactics – these are the daily, weekly, or monthly routines that make up the meat of how you are going to reach your goal, and should be quantified targets. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon, then a tactic could be “Run 25 miles per week.” Or if your goal is to stay in touch with people, a goal could be “Send 3 happy birthday notes each week.”

WeAchieve scores your tactics on a 0 to 5 star scale, based on how you are doing. Stay on track, and your rating will stay at 5 stars for a goal. But as you start to falter, your rating will drop, and the particular tactics that you are struggling with will rise to the top of your list: both polite nudges to get you back on track!

Milestones – last but not least, milestones are the big achievements that ultimately define a goal. So if your goal is “Get in better shape,” you may have milestones to lose ten pounds, run a half marathon, be able to do a pull up, et cetera. Basically put, these are the accomplishments that you’ll tell your friends about, and the things that you use to define if you are successful in reaching your goal.

As with, well, real-life milestones, be sure to set a few up along the way. For example, if your goal is to run a marathon but you’ve only run a 5k, setup milestones for your first 10k, half-marathon, and 20-miler. These will keep you going along the way!

Beyond our goal setting framework, we also have social challenges, which are a way to bring your friends and family along for the ride. Right now, these rely on both of you pursuing the same goal. So if you have a family of runners, you can setup a family challenge. These can be scored a few ways: competitively, team-based, or evaluating everyone vs. their goal to match the general competitiveness/collaboration level you want for your group. Either way, social pressure is a proven aid in helping you stay motivated. We’re planning some big updates for the social functionality, so stay tuned for more exciting updates on this front!

There’s more under the surface, but these are the key features you’ll interact with as you start using WeAchieve. Do you need help? We’re a quick e-mail away and happy to help. Get Started for free right now!

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