Tutorial: How to Create a Simple Weight Loss Goal in WeAchieve

This is part of our WeAchieve Tutorial series teaching you everything you need to know to fully leverage WeAchieve’s capabilities. 

In tutorial , we will learn how to:

– Create a goal called “Lose Weight This Year”
– Create 1 Tactic: Exercise 3 Hours a Week
– Create a Milestone: Reach 160 lbs (assuming we start at 170 lbs)

Step 1: Create the Goal

On the “Goals” page, tap on the “hamburger” icon in the lower right corner: 

Then tap “Create New Goal”:

Enter some basic information about your goal and tap “Create”:

Step 2: Create Your Tactics

Now it’s time to add some tactics to your goal. Tactics are your daily/weekly/monthly actions that you will take to achieve your goal. In this case, we are going to create a tactic for exercising 3 hours a week (roughly 30 minutes of exercise a day).

To start, tap the “hamburger” icon in bottom right corner again. This time, select “Add Tactic”:

Select the activity that you want to use. In this case we’re going to select “Exercise”:

Now you see that you need to select a metric and aggregation.

The metric is what you are tracking for exercise. In this case, it’s Work Out Time. Aggregation is how that value gets tracked over time. 95% of the time, you’ll want to use “Total”, which adds up your hours from every exercise session.

Then tap continue:

This is where you pick your target for this target. In this case, we’ll want to do Weekly and aim for 3 work out hours per week. Once you’re done, just hit “Create”:

And now you should see this tactic show up under your Goal:

Step 3: Create Your Milestones

Now we’re going to create a milestone. Milestones are outcomes that you want to measure for the goal. In this example, we are trying to lose weight, so we’ll milestones based on our weight.

Once again, tap the “hamburger” icon in bottom right corner. This time, select “Add Milestone”:

Select the Track Weight activity:

You’ll notice that the options are similar to what we had with Tactics. For the metric, let’s select Weight (lbs). For the aggregation, let’s change it to “Most Recent”.

We make this change because you do not want to add up every single weight entries. You simply want to take the most recent weight when measuring your progress.

Then tap continue:

Then set your weight target. In our case, we set it to 160 lbs. We also used “Finish Below” because we are losing weight, and want reach a weight of 160 lbs or lower.

You also tap on the Milestone Name text area to rename the milestone if you would like.

Once you’re done with the options, then tap “Create Milestone”:

And you should see your milestone show up underneath your goal.

Congratulations! You’ve now successfully created a weight loss goal and plan in WeAchieve!

As always, feel free to reach out to the WeAchieve team if you have any questions (help@weachieve.io) or feedback (feedback@weachieve.io).

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