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Book clubs have been experiencing a resurgence of late. Some estimates suggest over 5 million Americans are a part of one. And in a modern age where people are looking for ways to connect offline, it’s a great way to both disconnect from a phone and make real-world connections.

But for younger Americans with friends scattered in many different cities, creating or finding an in-person book club can be tough. Fortunately, book clubs can work quite well with everyone being remote, and WeAchieve is a great way for everyone to get involved and hold each other to their reading goals!

children reading books together
Read books together, even when you are apart.

Here’s how you can do it:

  1. Join WeAchieve (it’s free) – WeAchieve is an goal tracking platform with a social layer. It’ll work simply enough: you set goals that you want to meet, and then you track your progress to make sure you are going to get there. You can use it for more than just reading books, but let’s focus on that for now.
  2. Setup a Social Group – WeAchieve works if you are on your own, but it is best when you work together! Our social groups feature enables you to create a small group of up to 10 people to share a goal or two and chat about it. Set one up, give it a name, and you are on your way!
  3. Invite your Friends – Once you have it set up, invite some friends! Ideally you have some folks who read a bit more than you so that they can provide some motivation for you.
  4. Welcome everyone and start a conversation – as people are joining the challenge, start a conversation in the chat to welcome everyone and discuss what everyone wants to get out of the group. Obviously everyone wants to read books, but maybe people want to discuss the same book in chat or by phone, or share brief reviews and recommendations.
  5. Set Your Book Reading Goal – Groups let every member define a goal that works for them. Are you a heavy reader? Set a goal of one book per week. Lighter reader? Just try to get 12 done for the year. But you’ll be able to see everyone else’s book reading target, so it’s a good way to stay motivated as you and your friends progress.
  6. Track the books you complete – Once it’s live, start reading! As you finish each book, you can log it easily in WeAchieve and add any other fields that you want to track like the name of the book, your rating for it, your thoughts, et cetera. As you do, your progress will be updated in the challenge alongside any personal goals you are keeping track of.
  7. Keep the conversation going – any time you view the challenge, you can see how everyone else is doing on their goal, and everyone can keep a dialogue going about the current book or any reviews/recommendations you have. Do your part and leave some thoughts for everyone else in the group!

What’s Next?

While sites like Goodreads have some ways to engage with a group, it’s hard to get people all on the same single-purpose app and reading the same book. WeAchieve let’s your new book club be a bit more dynamic in what folks read and adds ways to encourage everyone’s progress. After you get it rolling, you can even start a challenge to add even more incentive to get reading! Besides the number of books read, you can add some other goals to the mix – add points for each review that someone shares with the group, or bonus points for reading the assigned book each month. No matter what you want to do, it’s easy to create a scoring system based on what the group is looking for!

There’s so many books out there, you won’t ever have to stop!

That’s a quick way to get a community set up. We’re planning many additional features to make these types of experiences awesome, so stay tuned for more features that’ll let you supercharge your book club and book reading!

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