Set a Goal and Build Your Story

Here at WeAchieve, we’ve done a lot of research to uncover the reasons why people generally don’t reach their goals. As we’ve noted before, only 9% of people achieve their New Year Resolutions, so if you are already feeling behind on your own, you certainly aren’t alone!

One point that shows up consistently in the research is that having a good process is critical to success. Many resolutions fail because people think a lot about the endpoint, but much less about the way to get there. That’s human nature after all – we want to think about the shiny reward at the end, rather than the work required to get there!

Goals as Journeys

One way to make the path to a goal more enticing is to see it as an adventure, or journey! Doing this has a few benefits:

  • Focusing on the progress – Big goals can feel overwhelming. Take a marathon: it’s much more encouraging to see your 7 mile run as a good improvement over last week’s 6 mile run, rather than a fraction of the 26.2 needed to do a marathon.
  • Get into the details – It can be fun to be the visionary and daydream about the future. But when it comes to your own life, you are the only one who can execute the plan! Diving into the journey reminds us of that and gets you out there doing rather than dreaming.
  • Build a story – Why do we set goals in the first place? Years down the road, all that’s left of a goal is a story. Maybe you just tell the story to yourself to affirm your confidence. Maybe you share it with friends, family, or anyone that will listen. But the story is the output in the long run! To focus on the journey is to focus on the story, and you are much more likely to build a better one if you are focused on it!

Since the story is the end output of any goal, it’s important to immerse yourself in it! Focus on the steps you can take to move the story forward. And view challenges along the way as parts of the story or even as devious obstacles thrown at you by the dual villains of doubt and procrastination.

Lastly, be sure to record your journey in some way! This may be as basic as writing in a journal, taking a few photos. Of course we’d also recommend tracking the habits and steps you need to do to get there as well! But aside from building a richer story, you can use it to educate others on what it takes to reach your goal and motivate or inspire them to do the same.

Create a Culture of Aspiration

Achievement is contagious in the best possible way: your journey will inspire others to reach for their goals. And there’s countless benefits to the world if we can create that culture of aspiration. Take your first step today!

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