A Brand New WeAchieve!

We’ve been fairly silent on social media for a few months now, but it is time to break that silence and announce a ***brand new version of WeAchieve***!

We’ve been really excited to get this out into the world: a platform incorporating everything we learned from the initial version of WeAchieve and much more in line with our original goal: provide the best freaking habit building platform on the planet.

With all due respect to the other habit tracking services out there, we believe we’ve delivered on our goal. Our new platform is built to enable tracking more things more easily than anywhere else, and provide value back to you: giving you the incentives and motivation to hit your goals week after week and create meaningful, long-term improvement in your life.

Here’s the clean new look of the main interface! Featuring all your activities and goals in one place!
We’re coming with a clean new homepage and everything!

How are we different?

We’re an improvement over everything else on the market for three main reasons: input flexibility, analytics, and our gamification system. We’ve overhauled each of these since the first version of WeAchieve – let me tell you a bit about each one:

1: Input Flexibility

While much of the habits you track are going to be represented by a simple “yes” or “no” answer, there’s a lot of things you may want to add to your tracking. Case in point:

  • Yes/No data – as alluded to, it’s easier than ever to track a bunch of check-the-box items you want to do each day or each week.
  • Numeric data – Running miles, money spent on travel, or various health metrics like weight or resting heart rate.
  • Time data – track times or durations e.g. time spent on various work or side projects, the time you got to bed, or how long you spent reading or meditating.
  • Text data – enter a weekly journal, or add context each time you track an expense, a day of work, or a run.

You can track all of these in WeAchieve. This was true of the old version, but it is now much easier and quicker when you just want to log one simple action. But if you want to link a few metrics together into a single “activity”, you can do that as well.

While we aren’t marketing our product as a small-business data management solution, it could serve as one. Each activity creates a custom form that you can use – with numeric inputs, text inputs, et cetera. We use it to track our own key metrics – you can too!

Here’s an example input we use to track our blogging efforts! We use yes/no tracking to ensure we follow best practices.

2: Gamification System

Various video games have pioneered the research into how to build addictive systems. Aspects like collecting badges or trophies, missions to complete, or competing against yourself or others for a new high score are all staples of video games.

While some apps have brought in some aspects, there’s been a long way to go on this front. Our goal was simple: help users set the goals and then give them a compelling game to focus their efforts. As games and other distracting tech becomes more and more addicting, we want to be at the forefront of helping productivity tools keep up.

What does that mean specifically? WeAchieve 2.0 focuses you toward building the longest average streak across all your weekly goals. For example, take a look at the graphic below. If you have four things you want to do each week, you’ll slowly build up streaks of either hitting or missing those goals. Our system aggregates all the streaks to give you an average streak that’ll rise or fall as you stay on your habits.

Each week gives you a chance to build on existing streaks or reverse a miss streak. This is embedded in the app to keep you moving toward a better overall streak!

So in this case, this person has hit streaks of 3, 5, and 6 weeks on three of their goals, but has missed her meditation goal for the past two weeks. As such, their average streak is exactly 3 weeks ( 3 + 5 + 6 – 2)/4 goals = +3 weeks. If they successfully hit all their goals this week, their streaks will be (4 + 1 + 7 + 6)/4 goals = +4.5 weeks!

Hidden in there is a cool little feature of this calculation: her average streak went up by more than 1 week! This is because the -2 was transformed to a +1 by her breaking her miss streak on her meditation goal. This is by design: one thing we’ve seen is that it’s too easy to let things go after a couple bad weeks. The average streak concept increasingly gives you an incentive to “get back into” a goal you have.

3: Analytics

Last, but certainly not least, we believe good analytics are critical to a good habit tracking process. That may not be your default reaction – so bear with us!

Analytics are a crucial part of gamification. They give you incentives to keep going when the road gets rough and demonstrate progress as you get going. If you are a runner, then you probably know this – setting various PRs or lifetime achievements are the lifeblood of running. Maybe your goal is to run farther in a week than you ever have before, or do more vertical climb in a month, or hit a new mileage goal for the year. Whatever the goal is, just having one is the critical part to convincing yourself to go out and run in the heat, cold, wind, or rain.

We believe this approach is helpful more broadly, and so we’ve built an analytics engine to help you visualize your short and long-term progress and find those new milestones to shoot for.

WeAchieve brings you an incredibly flexible charting platform to help you find these milestones. You can create the visual that you want – changing everything from how the data is calculated to the color of the bars, lines, and background. That much you can, of course, do in something like Excel. But once saved, our charts will automatically update as you keep going, and be easily accessible in our iOS app.

As an example, let’s say you are looking at your step count – which we can automatically sync from your Apple device. You can create a chart that looks at monthly steps, see your trend, and maybe see that you’ve always been close to hitting 300,000 in a month but have never quite gotten there. And boom! You have a new goal to shoot for. Then you can keep pulling up this chart every couple months and see how you are progressing, set new goals, etc.

Here’s our new charting platform on the web! Create any kind of visual and save it for easy access.

When is this happening?

Starting today, the new WeAchieve is live on the web! And a brand-new iOS app will be out very soon to match it. So if these benefits resonate with you, please give it a try today! The new version is free for tracking up to 4 activities, 4 goals, and saving 4 visuals. But if you want more you can sign up for our affordable Premium offerings. As part of our launch, we’re offering a lifetime 20% off using the promo code “Launch“.

We’re doing this premium offering so that we can continue to support and build WeAchieve into a better and better product. In lieu of those big venture dollars, the best way for us to do that is to offer premium subscriptions and give you the best damn product, support, and community possible.

So with that all said, we hope you will give it a try, and would love to hear from you and start helping you crush your goals each week!

What are you waiting for? Go give it a try now!

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