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As we can tell you first-hand, starting any new venture is really hard! If you are still working a full-time job, starting something requires you to forego a lot of the usual after-work activities and hobbies to make it happen.

And if you are doing a startup full-time, you are still facing a ton of work and time pressure to get it to a point where it is viable and valuable. In either case, you’ll be balancing some mix of product design, product development, marketing, sales, operations, customer support, and more.

So it’s tough. But like most hard things, they tend to be the most rewarding. But one key aspect of is consistency. Your blog will be more successful if you regularly create new content and share it. Your product will be better if you make one improvement per week. With any startup effort taking at least a year, it’s good to take the time to ensure you can make steady progress.

To that end, I can’t say we’ve done the best job on that with WeAchieve. Our blog has been through a couple spurts of content and gaps, as has product development as we’ve continually re-evaluated where to take it.

But with that said, having habits in place really help. Here are a few of the habits I’ve tracked as we’ve gotten WeAchieve up-and-running:

Blogs Written | Write one post per week

Anything you track needs to be specific, measurable, and meaningful, and blogs are a good one for this. Building up any brand or site relies on creating a steady stream of high-quality content. Even if it’s a post every week or two, this can quickly fall off as other things take more of a priority.

We set this up as a brief activity which we logged after each post. As an added benefit, we could build in some quick “checklist” items to ensure that the blog was shared in all the right channels.

getting your ducks in a row
Getting your ducks in a row requires a system to help you stay on track!

Company Metrics | Track them each week

Obviously there’s an array of analytic tools out there for small businesses, and many platforms have them built-in. But there’s no reason to pay for enterprise solutions when you are cash-strapped and just starting out.

With WeAchieve, you can track as many of these as you want, and just make a habit to enter them each week. Using our charting framework, you can save all the visuals you need so that they can easily be pulled up on the web or in our iPhone app.

our goals in WeAchieve
We’ve got our metrics logging automatically, but a quick update of your metrics at the end of the week will make it a breeze updating PowerPoint presentations for employees or investors!

As you can see from the above – we do this with WeAchieve and have ~30 metrics getting fed in. We’ve been able to make a bunch of decisions on the product based on what we’ve seen. No need to pay for an expensive enterprise analytic platform!

Work Journal | Reflect on the Week

On practice that is often recommended by high achieving professionals is to have some structure around how you reflect on your career and your personal development. One great way to do that is to regularly write in a “work journal” to record your work, accomplishments, thoughts on your career, and how to improve.

This is easy to do in WeAchieve: just setup an activity called “Work Journal” and create a few text fields that you can fill in every week or so. After a few months, this will become a very valuable resource. But just wait: reading through it the next time you are interviewing for a new position will give you incredible answers to all of those “Tell me about a time when…” questions.

Good Work Habits

Aside from work journaling, there are a lot of other habits that can help you in your career… if you can stick to them! We don’t mean to rehash the advice you can find peppered throughout LinkedIn, but here are a few to get you started:

  • Make sure to end each day with a clear inbox
  • Reach out to one person in your professional network each week
  • Record any notable feedback on direct reports
weekly tracking form
Here’s an example template for tracking all the details at the end of the week. But you can set it up to track whatever you want!

You get the idea – and you may have a few others that’d be more helpful to you. But tracking these in WeAchieve can be a super-easy tap of yes or no each day, but the benefits come in the accountability that this will bring the motivation that our streaks and scoring approaches will provide to ensure you make the effort each week.

All this to say – no matter your work situation, having a tool to help you stay accountable to your long-term growth is bound to pay back in the long-run.

Give it a try on our new web platform!

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