WeAchieve: A Habit Tracker Like No Other

There are a lot of habit tracking tools out there for you to choose from: Strides, Way of Life, Productive, Momentum, Streaks, Coach.me, and more.

Maybe you’ve checked some of these out, maybe you haven’t, but we want to share what makes WeAchieve different from all of the other options out there. The fact of the matter is this: every tracker has its own twist on things, and you should try to find the one that appeals the most to you.

We’re assuming that you are already bought into why habits are really freaking important to living well. If you aren’t on that train yet, here are a few reads for you:

Our guiding ethos is that humans can use data about themselves to improve their lives. Prior to founding WeAchieve, we helped companies do this: we helped them charge the right price for coffee, or offer the right discounts on clothing, or figure out where to put a new store. We want to put that kind of power into your hands to help you figure out how to succeed at whatever it is that you want to accomplish.

Practically, we’ve had to do a lot to make this happen in a way that works better than everything else out there. Let’s take a look at all 14 features we’ve built to help you maximize your life that almost no other habit tracker has:

Adjustable Goal Targets – Yes, maybe you want to run 5 times per week, but a vacation shouldn’t break your streak! Easily change your goal down to 3 times for a week and keep your streak going.

Numeric and Time-based Tracking – Yes, we know it’s great to check a box, but some things need more context! Reducing screen-time is one example, but it’s easy to track your work or sleep times if that’s an area you want to focus!

Advanced note-taking functionality – Add multiple text-based fields to any activity you track. Some people even use WeAchieve for their daily journaling!

Custom Forms – connect the things you track within a single activity so that you can easily enter data at the same time and stay organized with when logging a Run or marking things off a morning checklist.

Apple Health and Strava Integrations – You want to stay fit, we all do! Now you can port in your fitness data and set goals to keep you hitting your weekly mileage, step count targets, and more!

Advanced Goal Types – A runner may have several goals for each week, and we can handle them all! I keep goals for mileage, speedwork, long run, and total vertical climb to ensure I’m staying on track for my running.

Hypercustomizeable charts – edit anything you can imagine: aggregation, chart type, coloring, and more. You have over 20 options to make each chart look just the way you want it. Can’t get it exactly right? Easily export your data to a csv for use in Excel or Python.

Saveable Charts – once you find a visual you like, save it for quick access! You’ll always be able to pull these charts up then on a moment’s notice.

Manage Your Vices – our goal infrastructure makes it easy to track and reduce any of your vices, whether it’s too much time on your phone or a certain app, drinking, smoking, or doing anything else too much. Learn more about how we do vice management.

Weekly Streak Focus – While doing something day-in-day-out can be great, it’s not too practical in modern life. WeAchieve is centered around more forgiving weekly streaks which let you build in some flex room for missed days.

Average Streak Length – we combine all of your goals into a single value that reflects how well you’ve been sticking with your goals recently. Just focus on this and watch your life improve!

Use at your desk, and on the go – many habit trackers focus solely on the app. We offer a full platform on the web as well that you can check-in at from any laptop or desktop you happen to be at!

Goal Recommendations (Web-Only) – Often you may not know where to start. That’s okay! Just track how you are doing on whatever you goal is. After a few weeks, we’ll have recommended targets for you customized based on where you are right now.

Goal Medals (Web-Only) – The thing about habits is that they aren’t always glamorous. You’ve done it for 8 weeks straight, but what now? We’ve got you covered! Hitting 10 weeks straight will get you a bronze medal and streak counter, and there are more targets to hit as you keep building those habits!

As we said, if you are just looking for a simple way to track a yes or no answer, we may not be the right place for you. And that’s fine – you have a TON of options out there for you – we’d recommend Way Of Life for it’s easy and appealing interface. But if you want to get a bit more out of your data, we’re the people for you.

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