Destroying the 4 Great Goal Barriers

Last week, we covered why goal setting matters more than ever. Hopefully that resonates even if it comes with a rose-tinted view of how goals work. The sobering fact is this: reaching any worthwhile goal is HARD. No matter what, you are going to face unfamiliar landscapes, obstacles large and small, and will suffer setbacks large and small as well.

We’re building WeAchieve to provide the best possible ways to overcome these challenges. Just because it is hard to achieve a goal doesn’t mean nothing can help. Indeed, it’s quite the opposite: certain approaches can lead to dramatic improvements. WeAchieve seeks to help people find the ways that work for them to avoid some of the common challenges or pitfalls that people tend to fall into.

Walls as a barrier to success
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Tutorial: How to Create a Simple Weight Loss Goal in WeAchieve

This is part of our WeAchieve Tutorial series teaching you everything you need to know to fully leverage WeAchieve’s capabilities. 

In tutorial , we will learn how to:

– Create a goal called “Lose Weight This Year”
– Create 1 Tactic: Exercise 3 Hours a Week
– Create a Milestone: Reach 160 lbs (assuming we start at 170 lbs)

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How to Learn a New Language in 2019

For English Speakers, learning a new language is a great way to push your horizons and make that next vacation even more exciting. But you’ve got to start early! Here’s how.

Exploring any city is better if you have a bit of knowledge of the local language!

Many people start out the year with a resolution to learn a new language, or pick up where they left off in High School. That’s great, but as with most New Year resolutions, about 80% will have given up by the time February 1st hits the calendar.

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How the New WeAchieve Works

WeAchieve is the most powerful goal tracking platform out there on the market today. But with that power does come a bit of complexity. Here’s your quick guide to how WeAchieve defines goals, and what you can do with it.

It all starts with goals. Goals are the handful of big things that you want to accomplish. Some examples could be: to live healthier, to run a marathon, to learn new things, stay in touch, to get organized, or many more. These can be as specific or broad as you want, but they should be meaningful to you. They should be the core of what you want to accomplish in the coming years.

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The 2 Most Important Keys To Actually Achieving Your New Year’s Resolutions

Every January, millions of us go through the ritual of setting New Year’s Resolutions for the new year. Sadly, according to U.S. News, 80% of our New Year’s Resolutions will fail by February

Now, there are countless reasons for why this happens. But regardless of what resolution you set, there are 2 important principles that will ensure your resolution doesn’t fall into this 80%:

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