WeAchieve Terminology and Standards

You will come across the following terms in WeAchieve.

Core Terms

Goal – the big picture thing or things you want to achieve! They can be broad (e.g. Live Healthier) or specific (e.g. Get promoted this year), but the important thing is that they matter to you!

Tactic – Any routine or daily/weekly/monthly action you want to take to work toward your goal. These need to be quantifiable – e.g. Walk 10,000 steps per day, run 15 miles per week, meditate 5 times per week, et cetera.

Task – Anything you have to do can be saved as a task. It will show up on your task list. Pretty simple right?

Milestone – these are the big targets you hope to achieve en route to your larger goal. Often these are annual targets or one-time events (e.g. Run 500 miles this year, learn 1,000 words in a new language, run a marathon, et cetera)

Activity – An activity is something that you do or care about. For example, “Running” is a common activity…

Challenge – A challenge lets you work with friends or compete against them in order to help motivate you. A challenge can relate to one or multiple activities.

Event – Any time you track data for an activity, it is an event. For running, each run is its own “event.” Other activities like “Manage my Health” may have an event every day to record data.

Plan – If you have a goal, you should plan out how to reach it, right? For any activity you can set a “plan” on days in the future. Any plan will show up in your task list for the day it is planned.

Metric – a metric is any value that you wish to keep track of for an activity. So, using our running example, “running” is your activity, and a metric would be “distance”. Thus, every time you create a running event, you would log the distance.

Notifications – We’ll send you reminders when you need to get things done and when you are running out of time for a goal. It is all wrapped up into one e-mail update each day!

Goal-Related Terms

Weekly – any goal or aggregation that is weekly starts on Sunday and runs until Saturday. Longer term, we do have plans to let this vary by user.

Monthly  – any monthly aggregation works based off of typical calendar months (January, February, etc.)

More than/Less than – goals that are attempting to be “more than” the target, does include if you score equal to the target. E.g. if your goal is to run more than 100 miles, running 100 miles exactly will achieve the goal. Similarly, “less than” should be interpreted as “less than or equal to”.

Progress – progress is the percentage of the goal that you have achieved. This can either be calculated for the current period, or for the overall goal.

Current Period – the current period is the active timeframe for a goal. For example, if you have a weekly goal, the current period is the current week. This is often referenced when you are looking at goal progress, so Current Period Progress for a weekly goal would show how you are doing for the current week, rather than all weeks included.