Frequently Asked Questions

What is WeAchieve?

WeAchieve is a cutting-edge productivity platform designed to help individuals live better and more fulfilling lives by setting meaningful goals and building better relationships with the people they care about. Our goal is to build a product that helps people navigate a busy life and achieve the things that are meaningful to them.

Tactically, that means that we offer:

  • Goal Setting and Tracking Platform
  • Task Manager
  • Personal Network Manager
  • Calendar and Planner (Coming Soon)

Tactically, this means we can help you by replacing a whole host of single-purpose apps and consolidating things in one place: workout tracking, journaling, task tracking, address books, calendars, and more.

Great! Where do I start?

If you are one of our beta testers, you can sign up at using your e-mail and entering the pass phrase we provided. Once in, you can view a quick tutorial by clicking on the “Help and Tutorials” option on the sidebar and then clicking on “Introduction.” That’ll give you an overview of the platform as it stands right now.

I have a question, where do I go?

This page is the perfect place to start as we’ll be adding any questions we get to this page! If you don’t see your question here, e-mail us at or if you are on the platform click “Send Feedback” and we’ll get your question from there as well.

How do I import my Apple contacts into Network Manager?

We’ve made a brief tutorial here on how to export your contacts from Apple/iCloud into a .vcf file, which you can upload here.

How do I import my Google contacts into Network Manager?

For Google contacts, you can go to and follow the directions from the “export” option on the left sidebar.

We are working on setting up ways to integrate your contacts from Facebook and LinkedIn as well, so stay tuned!