Become an Expert

Learning a second (or third) language or a new topic takes time and discipline, WeAchieve can help! WeAchieve gives you the tools you need to build up your persistence and incentives you to make steady progress.

WeAchieve helps you set goals and track your progress. Unlike other goal planning apps, we don't rely on streaks, so you can set goals that work for you and your busy schedule and still keep yourself accountable!

Join us and see what it's all about!

Set Goals that Work For You

Have you ever found yourself demotivated by ending a "daily streak" and find yourself struggling to get back into something? It turns out, streaks work until they don't, which often comes sooner rather than later. WeAchieve enables much more flexibility so that the goals you set can reflect the reality of a busy life. Study at least 15 minutes 5 days per week, reach a vocabulary of 1,000 words by the end of the year, et cetera. Streak if you want, but make sure you have other ways to keep you focused on your long-term goals!

Learn Many Things, Track them in One Place

Learning is a lifelong process that spans many subjects. WeAchieve reflects this by giving you a single place to track all the things that matter to you. Use whatever app you want to learn a subject, but track it all in WeAchieve!

Learn Together

Learning something is often fairly solitary, but it doesn't have to be! WeAchieve's social challenges enable you to work with your friends or family to motivate each other. Even if your friend is learning Spanish and you are learning German, setup a challenge to see who can get to the highest vocabulary count in the next month! Alternatively, look at some of our communities to join others who are trying to learn new things and get their tips on goals to set and ways to learn more!

Track other things too!

Learning isn't all that you do. Keep track and set targets for other parts of your life as well. Do you want to cook more? Why not set a goal to make at least 3 meals each week. Want to start running? Set a goal to run 10 miles each week. Whatever you want to get better at, WeAchieve can help you keep yourself honest and focused on the finish line!