Live the Tri Life

WeAchieve was made by triathletes and for triathletes in order to bring the goal setting we do into other parts of life.

Set your own goals or setup social challenges with your fellow triathletes to motivate each other to achieve more!

Join us and see what it's all about!

Set Your Tri Goals and Track Your Progress

WeAchieve is a goal tracking platform at heart. Other platforms charge for the goal setting and analytics we provide. But all the goals you want and analytics on your historical data will always be free on WeAchieve. Set goals for running, biking, and swimming and track them all on a single screen. We integrate with Strava to pull in your progress and automatically update everything for you. With a single glance you can see where you need to focus your attention for the coming week to stay on track!

Social Challenges Made For Triathletes

Let's face it, social influence is a huge motivator. WeAchieve helps you turn this into better training with Social Challenges:

  • Handicap the competition - give each person a scale so that everyone is on a level playing field.
  • Team up - create teams to build some camaraderie and compete 3 on 3, 3 on 1, or 4 v 4 v 4. It's up to you!
  • Score it for maximum fun - you can score it however you like - award different points per mile of running/biking/swimming, and even include other activities like taking away points for eating dessert or drinking alcohol (or add points for that, it's all up to you).

Bring in More Data

Your wearable tracker gathers data on a lot more than just distance. Sleep data, heart rate, step count come in. Maybe you have more data on your diet somewhere else. WeAchieve is built to help you get value from this. See how your amount of sleep impacts your training, or the relationship between your diet and your weight. Our goal is to help you find value from the data that you collect.

Set Goals for Other Parts of Your Life

Setting goals works for triathletes. Why not bring that approach into other areas of life? WeAchieve is built to let you define goals for anything you want to track. Do you want to cook more? Drink less? Start meditating? Spend less time on social media? Eat healthier? Save more money? It can all be done here! We're integrating with an ever-expanding list of partners in order to bring more of this into your system automatically!

Best of all...

WeAchieve is free! We are coming to market in order to offer the best goal tracking platform on the planet and to do it at no cost to you. We believe the value that goal tracking brings to society merits a high-quality free option for it. While we will be building additional features that we believe will merit your purchase, we will keep the core of the product (what you'll see today) free forever if you sign up today!